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We have been proud to serve the Mac programmers' community for over six years through our FTranProjectBuilder Fortran IDE and associated editor and build products. We originally wrote FTranProjectbuilder for ourselves to automate the building and editing of Fortran programs. It grew over the years to be a full programming environment, and the only native Fortran targeted IDE for the Mac.

We are now retiring and closing up shop, effective Dec. 31 2017. Although we will continue to program in Fortran and use FTPB to do it, we are dropping the burdens of running a company and so will no longer be selling FTPB, FTranEdit or FTranMake.

For those loyal customers who have purchased our products, Thank You! You will still be able to use them until Apple does something to break the way they work. We will continue to update them, fix bugs that you report, and provide updates for the next year. You will still be able to contact us for the coming year using the contact page or the email addresses that you have already been using. We’ll also leave up the blog and free code pages in the hopes that people will still find them useful.

The personal information that we have is limited to your contact information and license keys. We will keep that information to be able to re-supply you with your license key in case you lose it. We do not have any credit card or other payment information. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


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