Free Fortran Code

Over the years I have written utility routines that I use in various programs, and the new features of F2003 have made the packaging of these even more suitable for sharing. So I’ve decided to put some of them up on this site on the new “Free Fortran Code” page.

Right now I have the timer class, timer.f90, that I described in a previous post. I’ll also post an F2003 class that I recently wrote to write tables in Latex format. With the table maker I can skip the step of copying and pasting results and then formatting a table by hand.

I’m also including links to Fortran programs on other sites. My goal is not to create a catalog of available Fortran. There are other sites for that. (Plus, something like that would be a nightmare to maintain.) But I do want to point out sites that I have found useful in my work, especially netlib and gams.

The new Free Fortran page is here, and can be accessed from the menu above. The code is regular Fortran, so it can be used by everyone, not just by Mac Fortran programmers

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