G95 is Alive!

In a previous post I lamented the fact that the g95 compiler had not been updated in quite a while. I'm happy to see that there is now a flurry of activity at the g95.org site. I saw in late February that a new update, 0.94, had been released Jan. 17, 2013 so I downloaded it to give it a try.

You may recall that when I did the speed comparisons for the various Mac Fortran compilers   the g95 compiler produced significantly slower code than the others. So not surprisingly, I wanted to see if the new update would bring the performance up to the level of the others. So I ran my benchmark again and found the following:

g95 v. 0.93 19.29 min

g95 v. 0.94 19.80 min

So we see that there hasn't been any change in the performance of the g95 compiler on my code. This is disappointing, but it is great to see the development activity. Hopefully future work will include more on the optimization side.

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