Getting ready for takeoff

Hello Mac Fortran programmers,

I'm David, and I am the pilot at Nocturnal Aviation Software. In fact, I am also the co-pilot, flight attendant, mechanic, and the guy who waves the orange flashlights. During the day I have another job, but nights, weekends and mornings are for the Nocturnal Aviation Software projects.

FTranProjectBuilder is almost ready to go. It has been in beta testing for many months now. The manual and help files are written.  The last two things to add to v.1.0 are the automatic update and licensing features. To test those, I wanted this web site up and going, hence the beta in the title above. I promise it won't stay beta as long as Google's did.

FTranProjectBuilder started out as a simple compiler front end that I wrote so that I wouldn't have to constantly tweak  makefiles every time I added a new file or module. It grew to something I use every day, with features added as I found them useful.

Once the first release is out, which I am hoping will be within the next month, I have ideas and plans for added refinements and features. One feature is to expand on the idea of the built in lab notebook by adding search capabilities and exporting to a latex document. 

I have plans for this web site, too. Over the next weeks and months I plan to enable comments to the blogs and, depending on how lively things get, a forum to discuss FTranProjectBuilder and Fortran programming in general. Don't be surprised if the site looks different over the next few weeks as I tweak its appearance and content.

I have several blog ideas planned already to discuss topics like file organization, converting f77 to f90, Doxygen and parallel processing. Email me if you have topics you'd like to see on how FTranProjectBuilder can be used to make you more productive.

For now, if you want to see what FTranProjectBuilder can do, take a look at the screen shots and peruse the user manual on this site. If you have any questions about features or plans, please contact me from the contact page. 

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