Progress on the App Front

The holidays have passed since my last post and I just want you to know that things are moving along nicely. Although FTranEdit was written before FTranProjectBuilder, I have concentrated on getting the latter out the door under the assumption that most people are looking for an integrated solution. FTranEdit will be coming along soon, however. FTranEdit can be used standalone, without FTranProject, to edit Fortran files. It can also be used as a companion to FTranProjectBuilder when you want to open up multiple files in your project and view them at the same time. 

If you are checking back from when I first set up this site, you'll note that I have added a third product now, FTranMake. FTranMake  isn't really for someone who has FTranProject, since FTranProjectBuilder does what FTranMake does and more. However some people prefer working on the command line to manage their projects. FTranMake off-loads some of that effort by making it easy to generate and maintain makefiles for a project. 

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