Free Fortran Code

My Code:

In this section I’ve placed links to code that I’ve written to use in a variety of my programs. Use them as you like, but they come with no warranty of any kind! The list isn’t too long at the moment, but I’ll add more over time.

  • FTPTimerClass

    FTPTimerClass is an object oriented timer for timing parallel implementations  that can return wall clock and/or total CPU time. Minimally described in a blog post.

  • TableMaker.f90

    TableMaker.f90 defines a basic Fortran class to write results in Latex table format. Just include the file you write in your Latex document — no copying or pasting manually into a table environment. Described in a blog post, and followup, I also have a short manual on how to use it. You can find a simple main program to try it out here.

Free Fortran on Other Sites:

You can find Fortran code at a number of sites, but I want to highlight two important ones with lots of code oriented towards numerical computations — exactly where Fortran excels. They are:


    Netlib has been around since the early 1980’s, originally as a server that one would email with a request for a particular code. Now, of course, it is a web site with a lot of old and useful routines. The site also includes the NADigest archives and other links.


    The Guide to Available Mathematical Software has a great feature where you can browse by what problem you need to solve. For example, it has categories like Linear Algebra and Approximation. By drilling down on what problem you are trying to solve, you can find what packages are available to solve it. The site also has a search feature.
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