A few words on our first year

We finished our first year of providing our Mac Fortran development tools at the end of March. I was traveling at the time, so I figured I should get around to writing something about it soon. I know I haven't been writing much here, but I must say that I have been writing code more than I have been writing prose.

Since we made the FTranProjectBuilder Fortran development environment available, we've put out over sixteen updates during which we have added support for all six of the Fortran compilers that are available for the Mac, and added new features like bookmarks, notifications, and OpenMPI support. Some of the features we have added because I wanted them -- I still use the app daily for my own Fortran programming. Other features were added in response to user requests.

It has been exciting to see FTranProjectBuilder being used around the world. So far, it has been purchased by users the US, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Norway, Germany, Spain and China. As the number of Macs grows among scientists and engineers, as it has been doing over the last few years, I look forward to that list growing even more.

Our first year has been a great experience and a lot of fun. I'd like to thank all of our users and supporters who made it so. Be assured that we will continue to update and streamline FTranProjectBuilder to make it the most useful programming tool on your Mac.

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